The activities of the DOVZHENKO Movie Club are aimed at promoting Ukrainian cinematography in Germany. The club is named after prominent Ukrainian film director Oleksandr Dovzhenko. His solo directorial début was a comedy Love’s Berries (1926) followed by a spy film The Diplomatic Pouch (1926). But Dovzhenko gained most fame with his legendary silent trilogy – Zvenyhora (the first Ukrainian film shown abroad) (1927), Arsenal (1929) and Earth (1930). This world fame endangered Dovzhenko to be assassinated or subjected to years in labor camps. The Soviet authorities decided not to kill Dovzhenko, but to suspend him from creation. Earth (1930) was ranked among 10 best films in the history on the international exhibition in Brussels I 1958In 2015, UNESCO included it to the world’s five greatest masterpieces.

The Forgotten