How it works?

To set up a virtual movie club

To start online screenings, please register a virtual movie club on our website and create an event. You can also set up a chat and discuss the movie with the members of your movie club. To create the first event, you need to have at least 5 movie club members.

To register a virtual movie club

Click the "Join" button

Register in the system, and then create a movie club on the "Movie Clubs" page. Alternatively, there is an option for creating a movie club without prior registration. To do so, go to the "All Movie Clubs" page and click "Create Movie Club".

After moderation, you will receive a confirmation letter of your virtual movie club registration and will be able to invite the participants. As you log into your account, you will see the viewers who have joined your movie club and applied for admission. To create the first event, you need to have at least 5 movie club members. After having created your movie club, you can invite members to join it by sharing a link to the viewer registration form on social media or sending it directly. Also, after your movie club appears on the website, those interested will be able to send requests to join your movie club.

Good luck!

For viewers

If you wish to access online movies from our catalog, please register on our platform and join one of the virtual movie clubs available in your country.

To become a member

Select a movie club on the page
Click "Join". Fill out the application form.

Once admins confirm your application, you become a member and can join the events organized by this movie club, watch movies, and participate in discussions. When the movie club creates new events, you receive automatic notifications.

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