Angry Ukrainians - 10 years later special program for online cinema clubs

10 years ago Ukrainian directors, producers, actors and screenwriters came together to prove that Ukrainian film process is on the hoof, and Ukrainian cinema is able not only to offer topical plots to its audience, but also to respond to political and social challenges. This is how the informal movement emerged, causing the creation of several acute social and fateful almanacs of short films "Assholes. Arabesques" and "Ukraine, Goodbye". In their Manifesto, the team of cinematographers declared: "We are filming these arabesques not at the request of self-confident, but timid TV-bosses or unsure of their past and future statesmen, not out of our own whim. But due to an urgent need we felt and realized. The determinant - even for such a financially capacious art as cinema - is not money, but outlook, ideas, talent and the will to create. So, we shoot our short Arabesques on a completely budgetless basis – without salaries, fees and consideration for film equipment, but acting as friends, associates and colleagues, as citizens. It is a challenge for the tribe not only to make individual films, but to create the whole new Ukrainian cinema, which both our generation and our country lack – for ourselves and for the world." Today, 10 years after, we can say that the movement of cinematographers sometimes called "Angry Ukrainians" became a powerful impetus that inspired new ideas and opportunities to launch such a concept as "new Ukrainian cinema". We offer our viewers to comprehend what it actually was and to ask questions to the initiators of this project - director Volodymyr Tykhyi and film producer Denis Ivanov online at the beginning of October. Join the discussion in Zooм on October soon.

Program movies
Assholes. Arabesques
Ukraine, goodbye!